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A great storyteller fills a void in the lives of their readers. I doff my heart to Frank Peretti, Dee Henderson, Maeve Binchy, Tolkein, Jane Austen, and too many other storytellers to list here. Like you, I will write stories that keep readers turning their pages till late at night, and waking up with just that last few paragraphs on their minds. Or maybe that's just the writer in me... Closing Quote

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Thanks for stopping by. As the name suggests this website is dedicated to Christian writing. You will find stories, inspirational articles, devotionals, blog natterings, poetry, and a song lyric or two.

I pray that a word, phrase or sentence will touch encourage and inspire you, and that each time you visit, you will be closer to Christ than the last time you were here.

Blessings, Toyin.

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Meet some of the members of the Renewed Life Christian Centre (RLCC).... Pastor Rob Sinclair’s ambition for church growth leads to rash decisions and places everything he holds dear at risk… Her attempts to awaken fellow Christians from apathy has devastating results as Lola Williams discovers that sometimes, the greatest change starts from within... Emma’s search for love is thwarted by tragedy, which soon becomes the catalyst for the outpouring of revival... Treasured Possession tells the story of a group of Christians and their struggles with human frailties and the forces of evil as they journey towards redemption and spiritual renewal.

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